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Dear autographs collectors,

We created our website a few years ago and we would like to thank all the persons who trusted us. Some customers are loyal buyers of "AUTOGRAPHES DU SIECLE" since the first day. In spite of the presence of other competitive websites, the faith of our customers through the years is very important for us. 

Our strong intention and ambition is to continue to satisfy our customers wishes.

This is why we will try to continue to offer you good quality autographed material. 

We decided to build our website without the help of any publicity or newsletter. No publicitary strategy, no advertisings, no e-mails. 

Our trademark is a constant quality and good service for our customers, instead of aggressive avertisings. 

So continue to visit us, we will be always happy and honoured to give you a warm welcome. Since 1st January 2011, 50'000 persons opened the virtual door of our online shop. It is a great success for us and we are really proud of that.

 Our next step to improve our services is to give you further informations about the origin of the autographed material. Several customers already know that my whole family helped me to build my collection, started by myself in 1980. Today we have several thousand autographs which will be offered to you in the next months and years.

In the way to increase our collection and satisfy the several requests of our customers, we are always interested to buy good quality and authentic autographed material. With our experience of over 30 years, our knowledge of the autograph market, we can consider ourselves as experts and we cooperate with the major european experts and collectors. We only buy 100% authentic autographs. Every signature will be accurately and professionnally examinated and the origin of the autograph faithfully checked. Most of our pieces come from reputable and respectable sellers or from autograph collectors we personnally met and know. 

We are experts but we are not infallible. A full refund of the autograph will be offered in case of forged autographs, despite our exams and cares. A "Certificate of Authenticity" can be delivered if requested before the shipping of the autographed item. 

 Thank you again for your loyalty and keep buying by us with confidence.


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